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Snow Plowing Services - Residential 

At Husky Landscaping Services, we take our winter business very seriously. We know that our customers rely on us to keep them moving, and to keep their properties safe and accessible throughout the winter months. Our Snow Team is constantly tuning up, testing, and preparing our equipment for the next inevitable blast of winter. We are on standby 24/7 and provide constant weather monitoring so we are ready to deal with Mother Nature’s harshest blows.

Residential Services:


  • Snow plowing 24/7 from November 15th – April 1st

  • A fleet of new model, full-size pick- ups and mid-size dump trucks

  • Online Snow Plow Hotline with updates on our plowing plans & progress (found on our homepage)

  • 24/7 Monitoring of inclement weather 

  • Hand shoveling walkways and entrances*


Snow Plowing


Residential snow plowing begins after snow accumulates in excess of 5 cm.  In the case of a major snow event, we have a "Plow with the Storm" policy.  What this means during an ongoing storm, is that our crews will make multiple visits to your home to ensure that you have access to your property.  At the commencement of our plowing we will make a quick visit to all homes to clear a passageway on the driveway and walkway(s).  Once we have visited all homes, we will return for a second visit to make a final cleaning.  Some storms will take multiple visits as the storm may be a long and drawn out event, and dump a lot of snow.  Please do not call into the office during large snowstorms as we are extremely busy out on the roads.  Rest assured that your property has been done even if there is snow on the driveway, all that means is that we have not been back for our final cleaning.


City Berms


Snow often accumulates at the end of driveways during road plowing from the City.  These berms, can be difficult to remove.  We make all efforts to clear this snow.  Should you need a return visit after the storm has stopped, please contact our office with details.


How You Can Help

Keep all driveways accessible. Please park as far as possible to either side of the driveway and try to avoid parking at the end of the driveway.  The snow plow operator's must push snow to the curb or shoulder.


* Services with an asteric are provided at an additional cost. For pricing please contact our office for a free estimate. 

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