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Snow Plowing & Ice Prevention - Commercial

At Husky Landscaping Services, we take our winter business very seriously. For our Commercial clients, we especially know how important it is to keep your sites safe and accessible throughout the winter months. Our Snow Team is constantly tuning up, testing, and preparing our vehicles, and equipment for the next inevitable blast of winter. We are on standby 24/7 and provide constant weather monitoring, as well as, routine site safety checks to ensure your property is in top notch condition.  Please check out our Snow Plow Hotline below for updates during winter events.

















Snow Removal and Relocation

* Inevitably sometimes winter dumps more snow on us than we can handle.  We offer snow removal and relocation when sites become overloaded with snow.

Site Safety Checks

As part of our winter contract service to our Commercial clients, Husky provides routine "Site Safety Checks".  Our crews routinely perform site patrols to check on the condition of each property.  This allows us to see first hand what condition your site is in, and allows us to prevent any buildup of snow and ice that may result in dangerous conditions for walking or driving.  This provides our clients with the peace of mind they need to continue running their businesses knowing that their properties will be safe during the winter months. 

Snow Plowing

Our Commercial contracts run from November 15th to April 15th and during this time we are available 24/7 to plow your properties and ensure the safety and accessibility of your properties.

Salt & Ice Melter*


A couple major reasons to apply salt or ice melter is to avoid slip and fall accidents and to help avoid one’s car being stuck in the snow or sliding on the ice. Alternative ice melting products are available to reduce impact to plant material, concrete surfaces and interiors.  To arrange this service please contact our office with details.

Fleet of Trucks

In order for us to be able to service our Commercial client's properly, we need to have the best equipment.  We are constantly upgrading our vehicles, and fine tuning them to keep them at their peak so we are well equipped to face the coming winter season.

Commercial Services: 


  • Snow plowing 24/7 from November 15th - April 15th;

  • Salting service 24/7 from first to last weather event (Alternative ice melting options to reduce impact to plant material, concrete surfaces and interiors);

  • A fleet of new model, full-size pick-ups, mid-size dump trucks, and 2 tractors;

  • Snow removal and relocation, as needed;

  • Hand shovelling crews for large sites;

  • Monthly Precipitation Reports and service details;

  • Site Safety Checks; and

  • Weather Monitoring.


Weather Monitoring


It is our job to stay on top of any inclement weather that may come our way.  Our team monitors the weather 24/7 and checks radar for any incoming systems so that we can be prepared for the next storm to arrive.

* Services with an asteric are provided at an additional cost. For pricing please contact our office for a free estimate.

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